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Are fears about American deaths in the D.R. overblown? – CNN Video

By now you have surely seen the media frenzy surrounding travel to the Dominican Republic. We have watched this sort of thing happen with many destinations for many years (it was Mexico last year – remember?). Your safety and happiness are our top priority and we want you to be happy with your vacation wherever you choose to go. There are a few things we feel that you should know about. The US State Department has not issued a travel advisory against travel to the Dominican Republic. In fact, the State Department released a statement last week that said there has been "no uptick" in deaths of US Citizens in the Dominican Republic this year. To put it into perspective, 2.2 – 2.7 million Americans visit the Dominican Republic each year. Even if all of these deaths are not natural causes that is less then .0005% of all of the people traveling to the DR this year. We are not trying to make light of the deaths and sickness of Americans, just want to educate on the facts. This video explains things better then we can in this post. While we are happy to send you to any destination you would like. We urge you to educate yourself before reacting to media hype. We thank you for your continued trust and travel with Pick & Pack Travel.

Are fears about American deaths in the D.R. overblown? – CNN Video

The constant media coverage of American deaths in the Dominican Republic has led to the belief that there is a sudden surge. But that doesn't match the data.